Technique Support

1.Technique Department

There are two high-grade engineers, many engineers and technicians in the technique department of VETTEV. Our engineers can inspect and repair imported special equipments on the spot, which are applied for oilfield, mine and port. They can also provide the match solution of power, driveline ,control and hydraulic systems.

2.  Repairing Center

VETTEV repairing Center is a professional team specializing in repairing special imported heavy-duty equipments for oilfield, mine and port. For years, VETTEV engineers have been to many oilfields and mines to repair and rebuild all kinds of complicated equipments and successfully solved varied hard technical problems.

Repair of oilfield equipments: overhaul and rebuild of Frac unit(including fracturing truck, blender, instrument van and manifold truck),workover truck, cementing truck ; overhaul of coiled tubing truck; maintenance of hydro-nitrogen truck , logging truck and so on.
Repair of mine and construction machine: scooptram drill, dump truck, drill equipment, excavator, loader, bulldozer, container loading and unloading equipments, hydraulic crane and so on.

We can also overhaul the assembly and parts of engine, torque converter, transmission, differential and hydraulic system, etc.
Our engineers have been praised and approved by our clients with their exquisite technique, rich experience, strict operation, genuine OEM parts and hardship spirit.

Please dial our service number 86- 631-5967665 if your equipments can't work smoothly. Our engineers will contact with you immediately to provide comprehensive technique support and repair service on the spot in order to make your equipments work well in the shortest time.




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